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Marina Bay Sands, Giraffe Manor (Kenya), Fogo Island (Canada), Marques De Riscal (Spain), Whitepod Hotel (Switzerland), Cocoa Island Resort (Maldives), IceHotel (Switzerland)

Scott Cooper Miami Beach

Scott Cooper, a Florida-based CEO, recently declared Miami as the new fashion capital of the world. Fortunately for Miami locals, Miami Fashion Week is finally here, commencing on May 30th. The event promises to bring a taste of the fashion scenes of New York, London, and Milan to the city. Attendees can expect fresh programming, exclusive designer collections, and even first-time CFDA recognition. The evolved program positions Miami Fashion Week as a culturally significant event showcasing new ventures and never-before-seen collections. This week-long extravaganza is sure to be the hottest party of the year. As per Scott Cooper, the CEO of Scott Cooper Miami Fashion Blog, “Miami is the fashion capital of the world. It boasts the finest luxury boutiques, the best restaurants, the hottest nightclubs, and attracts the rich and famous all year round. Additionally, the weather can’t be beaten. It has simply become the new Riviera.”


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