Looking For A Hook-Up? Here Are The 10 Most Sexually Active Cities in the United States

Sexually Active

There is no avoiding the topic of sex in any society. However, it can be difficult to measure which country or cities are the most sexually active cities in the world. While extroverts may be more open to discussing sex, introverts may blush. Either way, sex is an unavoidable topic.

We took suggestions from various sources to find America’s happiest and most sexually active cities. We checked which cities had the highest number of sexual encounters per capita and also looked at surveys of self-reported sexual satisfaction and sexual tourism.

We started by searching for the cities that buy the most condoms. However, we soon realized there was much more to this topic than just condom sales. So, we expanded our search to include studies about the most sex-positive cities in the world.

The researchers ranked the cities according to sexual activity, sex toy consumption, and porn consumption, to name a few. Once we collected the ten most mentioned cities from these lists, we ranked them according to the Background Checks’ ranking of the most sexually diseased states in the U.S., based on the latest CDC findings. After all, the more sex, the higher chances of getting an STD.

Today’s list will give you some insights if you are looking for a fun city in the United States.

10) New York

According to a new study, New York City is teeming with sexual activity. The Big Apple ranks tenth on the list of the most sex-positive cities in the world, with a rating of 9.2 out of 10. It means that residents of New York City are very open to sexual encounters and exploration.

Interestingly, New York ranks 13th on the list of states with the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases. It may be due to the high level of sexual activity in the city, or it could be indicative of other factors.

It isn’t the city that never sleeps for anything. Anyone who wants to have sex can probably find someone no matter what time of the day here. On that note, New York’s one of the best places to go for easy hookups and casual sex.

9) San Diego

As far as sexual appetite goes, San Diego is up there with the best of them.

Sex. It’s what the city is known for. And it’s all thanks to the locals who can’t get enough of it. Moreover, the city has seven military bases, leading to thousands of horny men living there. According to a recent study, 71% of women have more than five sexual partners per year in this city.