Scott Cooper Miami shares the Best Miami Family Attractions

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Traveling with family and finding the perfect activities that satisfy everyone’s interests can be a difficult task. Luckily, Scott Cooper Miami, an online media company that specializes in Miami culture, has created a list of the best family attractions in Miami. Founder and CEO Scott Cooper has lived in Miami with his family for over 15 years. As a family-first kind of guy, and Cooper knows how important it is to enjoy the time we have with each other.

Bayside Marketplace

Ready to shop till you drop? Bayside Marketplace is a two-story open-air shopping center. The Biscayne Bay surrounds the area, making this special spot all the more beautiful and exquisite. The whole family can enjoy friendly restaurants, one of a kind stores, games and live music. Scott Cooper Miami recommends enjoying a meal on the bayside while watching the boats go by. If you’re feeling extra adventurous you can set sail from the marina.


Everglades Safari Park

Scott Cooper Miami considers this attraction a must visit. Everglades Safari Park gives you an intense and close-up look at animals that love the heat. Your entire family will get a kick out of the rare and exotic animals that inhabit this space. Not only do you get to watch reptiles in their natural habitat, you can also hold them! Also, by taking an airboat ride, you have the chance to see animals in the water and around the bay hiding away.


Miami Aqua Tours

Ready to board the El Toro? Miami Aqua Tours offer unique boating experiences that give you the chance to experience waterplay at a whole new level. Scott Cooper Miami recommends after an aqua tour after a long day at the beach.This pirate ship, the only one in Miami, will take you around the bay and other small islands. The driver onboard shares interesting facts about the spots you are passing, giving you the chance to learn more about Miami and its wildlife.


Miami Science Museum

This fresh and relevant space opened in 2015 and houses an impressive array of science material. There are various exhibits, including a planetarium, an outdoor energy playground, and gulf stream aquarium. Be prepared to see Miami as a diverse city of nature and opportunity.


There are so many activities in Miami that will create amazing family memories to cherish forever. Scott Cooper Miami promises Miami has something for everyone a city for everyone!


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