Scott Cooper Miami Exposes Sex Tourism In Miami

Scott Cooper Miami Sex Tourism

Sex Tourism is the Secret of Miami’s After Hours Nightlife

Miami is commonly referred to as the “Magic City” or  Fashion Capital USA but Miami’s worst kept secret is sex tourism.

It is referring to those that travel to Miami to do “stuff” that they can’t do back at home. Have you and your partner ever wondered what it would be like to have people watch you get it on? Is a deep tissue massage not nearly enough to relax you? Miami and South Florida are here to help.  

Swinger Club Sex Tourism

Miami is the swinger capital of America, and if you’re a couple who is curious about sex tourism, you have come to the right place. However, before you try out anything, make sure you do some swinging prep first.

Miami Velvet

The Club contains a couple of areas that are different. The front is your standard Miami Latin club, where individuals in ordinary clothes dance and drink and wink at each other across the room. The difference here is you don’t need to go far once that progresses to rhythmic dry-humping. Down a hallway off the dance floor is a “towels-only” area, filled with public areas and semi-private rooms where folks sit around mostly naked and discuss the finer points of their capital gains tax. Or, ya know, boink each other’s brains out. Therefore, if you and your partner are only curious, you can just observe. You can go into a room and have sex with nobody watching. You could leave the door open and let people watch. Or you can invite them to join you. If you are new to the world of swinging and sex tourism, no area starts you off better than Miami Velvet.


This is more of the swingers club for those experienced in sex tourism. It is definitely the club of choice for swingers from the know. The audience trends somewhat older — more the late 30s to 40s — but still skews sexy. Trapeze Is divided into two regions separated by a co-ed locker room. In the front room a BYOB bar serves drinks up and couples dancing in various stages of undress. From the towels-only rear area, you will find 1 section for singles and one for couples trapeze. Then you’ll pay a one-time “facilities charge” which basically pays the wages of the poor souls charged with cleaning up the place after you’re done.


First, they’re not parties. They’re what founder Nathan Bliss describes as “erotic-themed occasions for bi-sexy women and adventurous couples.” The Parties are held at an undisclosed location. In order to get the invite, you need to be known in the world of sex tourism and will need to go to the Bliss party site and apply. The events are held monthly, so prior to making any plans you will need to check the website. And the parties are not on-premise events, so they are more exploratory gatherings than in-your-face sex parties. Yes, the audience is sexy. No, you do not have to be a supermodel to make the cut (but it helps). If you keep fit and are of a suitable age, your chances are of becoming in, pretty good.


Fetish PartiesScott Cooper Miami Fetish

Fetish Factory The Fetish Factory attracts people from all over the planet interested in sex tourism. Four or three times each year it has something like nine parties over four days and does a hotel takeover. For regulars, Fetish Factory throws “extreme players parties,” but these are more personal events that are invite-only. Rooftop Resort “Dance Naked! – Party Naked! – Swim Naked!” is the mission statement for Rooftop Resort. Once per month, Rooftop throws a party or what they call an intimate event. This hotel is pretty well known for this type of crowd so you will feel right at home if this is your thing.


Scary Mary Santa Looking for a private dungeon?  Look no further.  Scary Mary Santa is one of the most well known.  Look for the EVOL EMPRESS SCARYMARY, ruler of My EVOL Empire, EVOLPETS & MATRIARCHAL SAINT of THE CHURCH OF EVOL.”

Nude Beaches Sex TourismNude Beaches at Scott Cooper Miami

Haulover Beach Thousands of individuals visit Haulover Beach on a sunny day. As many as 7,000 people visit the beach at one time. Some people remained clothed since clothing is optional. If you are looking for sex tourism, you will be happy to know that approximately 66% to 85% of people use the nude beach area. Haulover Nude Beach is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intercoastal Waterway and is a part of Haulover Beach Park.

Hotels That Allow Topless Women

Hotel Victor Hotel Victor has a clothing-optional co-ed spa and sauna, but it does not allow topless sunbathing at the pool. Instead, you’ll have to head across the road to South Beach to bare your breasts. Standard Miami The Standard is home to Lido Spa and a rambunctious pool scene featuring nightly parties, topless sunbathing, and a coed sauna. Delano With its soaring lobby and subtle seductions, Delano is the hotel that changed South Beach forever. The pool scene at the Delano is also topless-friendly and features poolside drink service and a DJ that takes the party long into the night.

Strip ClubsStrip Clubs at Scott Cooper Miami

Scarlett’s Cabaret One of the best pure strip clubs in Miami — if not all of Florida — is a little north of the city. Not only does Scarlett’s boast the best-looking strippers in South Florida, in addition, but it has also LED robots and actual EDM DJs. If you actually care about something other than sex tourism, the food is pretty good too. E11EVEN E11EVEN is similar to a nightclub that happens to have strippers. The dancers are topless but there seem to be more female patrons than the traditional strip club. It’s open 24 hours for those who can’t get enough. Tootsie’s Cabaret Tootsies is the closest you are going to get in Miami to a Las Vegas Strip Club. It is located near Hard Rock Stadium and it isn’t a bad joint if you want to watch a football or basketball game at the bar.

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