Otium Bluetooth Headphones

Imagine going on an 8-hour long voyage with no one to accompany you and the only thing that’s going to keep you sane is your playlist and your pair of headphones. For situations like these, you want to get the best audio device available out there, but you also don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket.

Forget the travel trip, even if you are simply heading to your gym, you want a decent pair of headphones that is cheap but also delivers quality output while you play your gym jam.

There are very few brands that keep these things in mind and strive towards giving the ultimate blend of quality music, affordability and durability to its users.

One such brand is Otium who has actually worked towards checking all boxes and catering to these requirements of an average gym-goer. One of their most recent headphone models is the Otium Bluetooth Headphones which has picked up on the standard ergonomic design, increasing its usability both in the gym and on the road.

In The Box

Normally, one wouldn’t expect to get anything fancy in terms of packaging with a price as low as these headphones. But looks like Otium really went all out in an attempt to stand out and provide its users with something eye-pleasing.

Once you make your way through the stylish box that these headphones come in, you will see a hard case that is attached to a clip and a loop. The case comes with a zipper that helps keep everything safe and sealed, and an inset tray that makes it easy to keep everything firm in its respective place.

While the case may seem too large to fit in your pocket, the size actually is an advantage because that way, the wires will not end up getting tangled with one another. And the clip adds to that advantage as you can easily attach the whole case to your bag or luggage.

There is also a carry case inside the box and three sets of ear tips and three sets of ear pieces.


If you were to analyze these headphones through a visual position, you would say that they look quite modern and sleek. They also have a very sporty look which makes them seem like they might belong in the gym only.

The headphones have a large hook attached made out of a rubber-plastic-like material which makes it easy to fit into every ear size and shape. The hook also helps the earbud keep steady and in place when you are running or jogging.

There is a flat cable attached to the headphones which nicely tucks against your neck, and the hook goes behind the ear, locking it away from sight.

On either side of the headphones, you will notice a rectangular part that is connected to the ear tips. The right side has a power button, a volume button and a microUSB port for charging the device.

Apart from this, these headphones also come with three extra sets of typical silicone ear tips which allows the users to choose the most fitting and comfortable piece for their ears.

Wireless Connectivity


One of the most impressive features of these headphones is the wireless performance. They pair with your device almost instantly and it’s super-easy to set up the connection.

The wireless range goes up to 9m or 30 ft which is quite decent. Given that you keep the paired device within the given range, you will experience no connectivity issues whatsoever.

Sound Quality

Since these headphones are more suited to gyms and sports arenas, it is no surprise that they have been designed for music with heavy bass. This makes it ideal for listening to hip-hop and electronic dance music.

The headphones deliver a fairly decent mid range and treble which is great considering the attractive price point.

Speaking of sound quality, a very interesting feature of these headphones is its active noise cancellation feature.  If you happen to find yourself in an exceptionally loud and noisy environment, this will come to your rescue. It uses CVC 6.0 which is the standard noise cancellation technology found in many high-end headphones. What it really does is it measures outside noise and limits or cancels it accordingly.

Hands-Free Calls

When investing in Bluetooth headphones, quality music isn’t only what you are looking for but also a good microphone that allows you to make hands-free calls while you’re working out. These headphones help you do that with a great quality microphone, which ensures that you voice is received loud and clear on call.

The best part about this is that every time you get a call, you will only hear an intermittent beep that is similar call waiting, without the incoming call cutting off your music.

So, even if you don’t wish to take the call or are not able to take it for some reason, you can still enjoy your music and continue doing whatever that you’re doing.


While these headphones are close to perfect in all aspects, there’s just one minor issue that might get in the way for some users.

It has a large button on the side that allows you to answer your calls and it is easy to access. But there are a few other buttons on the same side for playing, pausing and skipping tracks which are quite small. Because of their small size, they are almost inaccessible and unusable when you are wearing the ear buds.

The ear clips that come with the headphones might also bother some users. The ear clips make them slightly heavier and larger than many other portable audio devices.

Final Thoughts

As a final verdict, it is safe to say that these headphones are among some of the best models you will ever get for your everyday workout or travel. Given their cost, they are an absolute must-have because of their excellent quality and functionality, which is essentially what most people look for in Bluetooth headphones.