Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones

For someone who is bigger on exercising outdoors than going to the gym, which may mean more running, jogging and hiking, the struggle to find a decent pair of headphones is always a struggle. Especially because when you exercise, a pool of sweat is a given, and you don’t want to ruin your expensive pair of headphones that you just bought with the moisture you give out.

Workout gadgets and electronics are anything but cheap, especially when you are looking for that perfect combination in terms of price and quality. And if you are in search for water-resistant and waterproof headphones, for instance, you are definitely in for a massive struggle.

This is also because you certainly can’t get everything in a single product. If it’s going to be inexpensive, it probably won’t deliver exceptional quality. Or if it has a great sound system, it might have a terrible battery life.

However, many a times, electronic manufacturers surprise their customers by producing something that is totally unexpected. And one such brand is Mpow, which is known for creating high quality and reasonable audio devices that are not only competitively priced but are also multi-purpose.

One of their best-selling audio gadgets is the Mpow flame Waterproof Bluetooth headphones.

In The Box

The first thing you notice about any pair of headphones or any electronic gadget for that matter is its packaging.

The Mpow flame Bluetooth headphones come in a sleek, black box which appears to be quite fancy and decent at first sight. Enclosed with the headphones you will find a single pair of memory foam ear tips, three pairs of regular ear tips in small, medium and large sizes, a charging cable, a user manual a cord clip, and an EVA carrying case.

You will also notice that each item is individually and firmly packed which is quite impressive.


Sporting an ergonomic design, the first thing you will see is that these are ear hook headphones, which means that the hook has to be positioned around the ear. The greatest advantage with this design is that it helps the headphone stay in place regardless of your movement in the gym or otherwise.

Moving on, the headphone has a flat cable that joins the two ear buds together. The cable has the ideal width, which is neither too thin to easily break nor too thick that it can’t be bent.

Both the ear buds have a backing panel where the right hand plate has all the control buttons while the left plate is just there for aesthetic purposes, apparently. On the bottom of the right panel you will find a micro USB port for charging the device. The top of the panel has two buttons, up and down. These buttons are used for volume and track skipping. Since they are located on the right side, it means they are close to the right ear which makes it easy for the user to find and press either of the two buttons.

Other than these two buttons, there is a main power button, well-hidden behind the right ear-bud. This button serves the purpose of play, power up and down, and also Bluetooth pairing when it is pressed hard for longer than usual.

Sound Quality


This is probably one of the most important aspects about any audio-related device. The Mpow
Bluetooth headphones offer solid variance and range given their remarkably low price. The sound is quality is amazing and the headphones give a very sharp sound where you can clearly distinguish between the deep bass, rich mids, and the highs.

It uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology; a CSR chip and a tuned driver which helps it deliver great clarity and balance.

Although you might face a bit of an issue when you play music at really high volume levels, because the drivers of the headphones struggle a little bass-heavy tracks. However, you will have to increase the volume to an unusually loud level in order to experience this issue which is highly unlikely because most users go for below-maximum sound levels.

Overall, these headphones provide a well-balanced and quality listening experience.



Since these headphones use 4.1 Bluetooth technology, they connect easily to most of your wireless devices. The Bluetooth range goes to about 10 m or 33 ft which means they will deliver excellent connectivity when the connected device is in close proximity and within range.

Battery Life


Batter life is always a concern when it comes to electronic gadgets. With the Mpow headphones, this might not be an issue to worry about at all. The company claims that when fully charged, it can last up to 7 to m9 hours of active listening. The only issue you will probably face is when and if you play music at maximum volume which is likely to affect the battery lifespan.

The headphones take about an hour and a half to fully charge which is quite a decent duration to begin with.



This is perhaps the most intriguing feature about the Mpow flame headphones. They are IPXD7 certified which suggests that they will work perfectly fine even after they are submerged in three feet water or less.

What this essentially means is that you no longer have to worry about your sweat getting in the way of your workout sessions because these headphones won’t let a drop of water ruin them and will still work like a charm.



It all comes down to whether the Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones truly live up to the hype they caused? Are they really worth investing in or should you prepare yourself for disappointment?

Safe to say, these headphones have rightfully earned their spot as ‘THE’ ideal gym buddy you will get. With such affordability, solid battery life, amazing sound quality and great connectivity, who can say no?

The headphones are an absolute steal and the price they are sold at, you shouldn’t think twice before getting them.